Learn how to find serenity amid the chaos of everyday life. Channel your inner zen with these 6 simple steps.

1. Escape To A Calm Place

The first step in achieving a peaceful mind is to embrace silence. For ultimate relaxation sneak away to a quiet place tucked into the mountains or simply an extra room in your house. Wherever you go, take time to destress and enjoy some quiet time.

Photo Credit: 5ugarless (iStock).

Photo Credit: 5ugarless (iStock).

2. Close Your Eyes

After finding that sweet spot, shut your eyes and relax. Let go of any stress building inside you. Keeping your eyes closed, think only happy thoughts. Take your mind to a happy place and discover your inner zen.

3. Take Deep Breathes

Next, focus on taking slow deep breaths. Gently breath through your nose expanding your belly and filling your lungs with air. Pause for a second and slowly exhale. Repeat this step until you feel calm and free. Refresh your body, mind, and soul with the art of deep breathing.

Relax, Photo Credit: Kailash Kumar (iStock).

Photo Credit: Kailash Kumar (iStock).

4. Let It All Go

The secret to finding inner peace is simply learning to let go. Stop worrying about things you can’t control. Let go what you can’t change and free yourself from stress and negativity. Release your grip and be happy.

5. Play Soothing Music

Awaken your inner zen with the power of music. Getting to serenity is all about playing the right music. Play soothing tunes to instantly relieve stress and reach a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Music, Photo Credit: FTiare (iStock).

Photo Credit: FTiare (iStock).

6. Turn Off Technology

If you’re serious about finding tranquility, then you must break away from all distractions especially technology. Step away from the computer. Silence your smartphone. Break free and quiet your mind.

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