A fresh blanket of snow usually means a day off from work and a peaceful snow day. Here are 7 awesome ways to enjoy your next snow day.

1. Watch Your Favorite Movies

Spend your snow day on cuddled up on the couch watching movies. Whether you pop in your favorite movie or start an entirely new Netflix show, having a movie marathon is one of the best ways to enjoy a snow day.

TV, Photo Credit: Milan Markovic (iStock).

TV, Photo Credit: Milan Markovic (iStock).

2. Get Organized

Just because you’re stuck inside on a snow day doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. Tackle that messy kitchen pantry or breeze through that pile of laundry sitting in the hamper. After a productive snow day, you’ll have a greater sense of accomplishment.

3. Take a Hike

Take your snow day outdoors. From hiking with your dog to sledding with the grandkids and hitting the slopes, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to make your snow day an epic adventure to remember. If you daring enough to go outdoors, make sure you bring your camera along too.

Winter Hike Photo Credit: Chalabala (iStock).

Winter Hike Photo Credit: Chalabala (iStock).

4. Bake Homemade Goodies

There’s no better excuse to get busy in the kitchen than a snow day. From blueberry muffins to buttery cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies, there’s plenty of tasty recipes you can whip up at home. Spend your snow day baking away.

Cookies Photo Credit: MmeEmil (iStock).

Photo Credit: MmeEmil (iStock).

5. Play A Board Game

Let’s face it, board games will never go out of style. Invite your neighbors over for an afternoon session of competitive fun. Besides, board games bring everyone together, especially on a chilly winter day.

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6. Sit Back and Relax

Curl up in front of the fireplace and sip on a hot cup of green tea while reading your favorite book. Take advantage of any extra time spent indoors this season by finding ways to ways. Cozy up and stay toasty!

Fireplace Photo Credit: LARISA DUKA (iStock).

Photo Credit: LARISA DUKA (iStock).

7. Take A Nap

There’s no denying that dreary weather makes us feel extra sleepy. Don’t force yourself out of bed on a snow day, sleep in late or even better take an afternoon nap. There’s no better time to catch up on sleep than a cold winter day.