Don’t let chronic arthritis pain drag you down. Get the scoop on all-natural remedies for treating arthritis pain, including low impact- exercises and temperature therapy.

1. Keep Moving

Regular exercise improves flexibility, which helps ease tenderness caused by arthritis. For best results, stick to low impact exercises including the elliptical, swimming, and cycling. If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, try kayaking or walking.

Exercise Photo Credit: gradyreese (iStock.)

Photo Credit: gradyreese (iStock.)

2. Apply Heat or Cold Compresses

Joint pain, stiffness, tingling, and burning are just a few words used to describe arthritis pain. Find relieve to these common aches and pains using hot or cold therapy. From heating pads to ice packs and hot water bottles, there’s plenty of ways to naturally alleviate stiffness.

Ice Pack, Photo Credit: AndreyPopov (iStock).

Photo Credit: AndreyPopov (iStock).

3. Treat Yourself to a Massage

Massage therapy can do wonders for arthritis pain. Turn to different types of massage treatments including deep-tissue and hot stone for pain management. In addition to self-care, massage therapy provides pain relief without the use of highly addictive and dangerous painkillers.

Massage Photo Credit: jacoblund (iStock).

Photo Credit: jacoblund (iStock).

4. Reduce Stress

Stress impacts more than just your emotional behavior. In fact, high-stress levels cause inflammation, which is known to intensify feelings of pain and muscle stiffness. By staying calm in the face of stress, you can reduce inflammation and pain all together. Listen to your body and relax!

Yoga, Photo Credit: Ridofranz (iStock).

Photo Credit: Ridofranz (iStock).

5. Eat Foods That Fight Inflammation

When it comes to arthritis your diet is important. Eating anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, tuna, salmon, and even spices like turmeric are key to preventing arthritis pain. Eat right and your body will feel the difference!

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