How many cups of coffee are you drinking daily? One or two cups in the morning……or perhaps even three or four by the afternoon. Did you know there’s a strong connection between drinking coffee and increased anxiety levels? In fact, many experts agree, too much caffeine may be the reason why you’re feeling so anxious all the time.

According to many recent studies, caffiene consumption that reaches anywhere between 250-700 mg per day may lead to headaches, stress, nausea, anxiety, and poor sleeping patterns. Keep reading to learn more about caffiene may trigger your anxiety.

1. Caffiene Makes You Anxious

Sometimes we forget that coffee is a strong and powerful stimulant, which can leave us feeling jittery, panicked, or extremely anxious. If you can relate to dealing with crippling anxiety levels, it may be time to cut back on your caffiene intake. Healthy alternatives to drinking coffee include a variety of herbal teas, coconut water, probiotic drinks, sparkling water, and even lemon water. Get your morning burst of energy the all-natural way and you’ll easily be able to ready your nerves when you’re feeling stressed throughout your day.

Drink Coffee, Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages (iStock).

Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages (iStock).

2. Caffiene Leads to Insomnia

If you’re suffering from a difficult or troublesome case of insomnia, coffee may very well be the culprit. Consuming too much caffiene disrupts normal and healthy sleep cycles. If you’re having trouble sleeping lately, try limiting your caffiene intake to about 1-3 regular cups of coffee a day. Decrease caffiene consumption gradually and start getting your sleep schedule back in sync. It’s also best to avoid drinking coffee anytime after 2 pm to avoid sleep disruption.

Trouble Sleeping, Photo Credit: Kirbyphoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: Kirbyphoto (iStock).

3. Caffiene Spikes Stress Levels

Drinking too much coffee can stress you out way more than you think. If you’re like me, you can’t survive a day without coffee. However, caffiene stimulates your nervous system, which leads to increased blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat. These adrenaline spikes can actually drive your stress levels through the roof.  If you’re oversensitive to the effects of coffee, it may be time to make the switch to tea.

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