There are many things you can do to increase life expectancy like stop smoking and start eating healthier, but how about a list of unusual things? Take a look at these 5 strange habits that will actually help you live longer – and that’s all according to science!

1. Laugh More Every Day

Put laughter back into your life and lots and lots of it! According to the Huffington Post, laughter is the best medicine. Sharing a good laugh between with friends reduces stress, boosts your memory, and can even burn off a few extra calories. Laugh the night away and take in all the amazing benefits.

Friends, Photo Credit: FatCamera (iStock).

Photo Credit: FatCamera (iStock).

2. Add Spice To Your Life

Surprisingly, research suggests that adding a little heat to your meal will help fight bacteria and kill germs the all-natural way. The next time you start feeling sick, try boosting your immune system with flavorful spices like cayenne pepper, turmeric, sriracha, paprika, and curry.

3. Keep Working After Retirement

Just because you’ve reached retirement doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your job. According to science, working as you age is the best way to ensure a longer and happier life. Whether you take up a new hobby or stay productive through a side hustle, you can expect to add years to your life.

Senior Hobby, Photo Credit: pixelfit (iStock).

Photo Credit: pixelfit (iStock).

4. Fill Up Your Glass

Wine lovers rejoice! – we have great news. A new study found that light to moderate alcohol consumption may actually increase how long you live. While the findings may seem too good to be true, drinking may be the secret to keeping the doctor away. Thrive in your golden years with just a few more glasses of wine.

Wine, Photo Credit: PatrickCivello (iStock).

Photo Credit: PatrickCivello (iStock).

5. Stay Standing

Many studies have discovered that sitting too much is actually really bad for your overall health. Sitting for long periods of your day may increase your risk of health complications like heart disease and even obesity. Not only will you burn more calories just by standing up, but you can also increase your total life expectancy. If you currently work a desk job, it may be time to consider switching to a standing desk if you haven’t already done so.

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