Taking part in holidays gatherings with family and friends doesn’t mean you have to gain weight. Here are 5 simple ways to enjoy yourself and avoid weight gain over the holidays.

1. Continue to Exercise

Instead of lounging around during the holiday season, stick to your workout routine and get to the gym. This way you won’t feel guilty eating all of the delicious food prepared. You can even stay active with family and friends by going for walks or playing some flag football.

Family Photo Credit: fstop123 (iStock).

Photo Credit: fstop123 (iStock).

2. Limit Stress-Eating

Don’t let the stress of the holidays turn into overeating. Be mindful of your eating habits, especially when experiencing high-stress levels due to the holidays. With lots of appetizers and desserts within reach, it can be easy to lose self-control.

3. Practice Portion Control

Don’t overdo it. Avoid gaining weight over the holidays by practicing portion control. Cut the calories with fair sized portions and enjoy all the food you love during the holiday season. Cutting back on your portions is a smart way to prevent weight gain.

Holidays Photo Credit: PeopleImages (iStock).

Photo Credit: PeopleImages (iStock).

4. Say No to Leftovers

Pass on holiday leftovers and you’ll save yourself hundreds of calories. Skipping out on eating holiday leftovers makes such a difference when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Freeze leftovers and you’ll be able to enjoy them later down the road.

5. Fill Your Plate With Protein

Feel full even longer by adding more protein to your holiday plate. Focus on eating more protein and less sugar. Enjoy yourself over the holidays and save calories without giving up dessert!

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