Feeling a little blue lately? Here are 10 simple self-care tips to ease symptoms of depression and feel happy again.

1. Disconnect

Silence your phone. It’s okay to take a break from using technology every once in a while. Boost positive thinking and overall happiness without using your phone. It’s important to step away from your phone from time to time, this will certainly help put your mind at ease.

2. Grab An Ice Cream Cone

If you’re feeling down in the dumps lately, swing by your favorite ice cream parlor for a pick me up. Even science agrees, treating yourself to a scoop of ice cream is a ridiculously easy way to instantly feel happier. Order a chocolate fudge sundae and perk up your mood.

Ice Cream, Photo Credit: shironosov (iStock).

Photo Credit: shironosov (iStock).

3. Watch A Funny Movie

Press play and cheer up! If you’re feeling sad, try watching some funny movies. Laugh a little and turn that frown upside down. Here are 25 titles that are guaranteed to cheer you up whenever you’re feeling a little down.

4. Go Outside

Spending time outdoors is the ultimate stress reliever. Take in the fresh air by going for a nice long stroll or hitting up the local hiking trails. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel after reconnecting with nature.

Seniors, Active, Photo Credit: AleksandarNakic (iStock).

Photo Credit: AleksandarNakic (iStock).

5. Volunteer More

Giving back will leave you feeling happy and inspired! Not only are you helping others, but volunteering makes an incredible impact on your local community.

6. Video Chat With Grandkids

There’s so much joy behind being a grandparent. Feel better in a hurry by contacting your loved ones. With video chat, it’s easy to see their smiling faces from afar.

Retirement Photo Credit: PeopleImages (iStock).

Photo Credit: PeopleImages (iStock).

7. Cook Healthy Food

Cooking is a great way to relieve high-stress and anxiety. Whip up some tasty recipes and leave all your stress in the kitchen. Watch your stress cook away!

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8. Get Out Of Bed

The worst thing you can for depression is to stay in bed all day and sleep. Rise early and start your day. Get over sadness by staying busy. Fill your day with mood-boosting activities like exercise and reading.

9. Grab Coffee With Friends

Freshly brewed coffee or tea is always a good idea. Besides, there’s nothing like good company to lift your spirits. Grab a coffee and cure your Monday blues.

Coffee, Photo Credit: Rawpixel (iStock).

Photo Credit: Rawpixel (iStock).

10. Count Your Blessing

Count your blessing and shake away depression. Reminding yourself to be grateful is a good way to toss away negative energy. Life is too short, be thankful!