What makes the mountains so peaceful? Here are 7 ways to relax in the mountains.

1. Get Out There

Colorado is an incredible place. If you’re lucky enough to experience life in the mountains, be sure you get out there and enjoy it. Find adventure activities, getaway guides, and fun things to do in Colorado by clicking here.

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. Photo Credit: Gary Snyder.

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. Photo Credit: Gary Snyder.

2. Take a Scenic Train Ride

Travel by train. Experience views of a lifetime and journey through the mountains by taking a scenic train ride. Discover some of the best Colorado train ride experiences.

Train Colorado Photo Credit: thittaya itthithepphana (iStock).

Photo Credit: thittaya itthithepphana (iStock).

3. Soak in the Hot Springs

There’s no better way to relax and unwind after a long week than soaking in all-natural hot springs. Check out these hot springs tucked away in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Kick back, soak and relax!

Hot Springs Photo Credit: CampPhoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: CampPhoto (iStock).

4. Pick Wildflowers

Do you love fresh flowers? Find a trail populated with wildflowers and go picking. There’s nothing more majestic and beautiful than handpicked flowers from the mountains.

Colorado Photo Credit: Adventure_Photo (iStock).

Photo Credit: Adventure_Photo (iStock).

5. Visit a Mountain Town

Visit a mountain town for a relaxing getaway. From unique boutiques to local breweries, you’ll find plenty of fun and relaxing things to do.

Colorado Photo Credit: DOUGBERRY (iStock).

Photo Credit: DOUGBERRY (iStock).

6. Take Photographs

For photography lovers, Colorado mountain peaks are a dream. From the beauty of the mountains to the abundance of wildlife, you can capture some pretty epic shots.

Camera Photo Credit: chabybucko (iStock).

Photo Credit: chabybucko (iStock).

7. Read Your Favorite Book

Escape to the mountains and read your favorite book. Reading is such a relaxing activity, but when you go ahead and add the mountains into the equation, you’ll be calm for days!

High Altitude When Traveling, Photo Credit: praetorianphoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: praetorianphoto (iStock).

There’s no better place to relax than right here in the mountains! Enjoy the views and breathe in the fresh mountain air for a calming and relaxing escape.

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