Overeating is seriously bad for your health and quite possibly a modern epidemic. Here are 5 signs you’re overeating but don’t even realize it.

1. You’re Eating Too Quickly

According to WebMD, most Americans eat entirely way too fast. If you’re finishing your food before all your friends, then chances are you’re eating too fast. Gulping down your food may seem pretty harmless, but it could be causing you to overeat and even gain weight. Slow down and enjoy your food!

2. You Feel Sick After You’re Done Eating

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? If you feel sick, tired, or bloated after you’ve finished a plate of delicious food, then you’ve probably overeaten. This can lead to several health problems including obesity and digestive disorders. Control your portion sizes and avoid eating yourself sick!

Illness, Sick, Photo Credit: champja (iStock).

Photo Credit: champja (iStock).

3. Late Night Eating Is Your Thing

According to the University of Texas, late-night snacking makes it’s entirely too easy to overeat. Curb late-night hunger with healthy, low-calorie snacks including fruit, yogurt, cheese, edamame, almonds, even popcorn. Put a stop to overeating and feel awesome every single day!

4. Comfort Food Makes You Feel Better

Stress eating isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, stress and anxiety causes people to overeat. According to a recent study, 27% of adults reported stress eating habits and 34% of adults admitted to eating unhealthy or overeating as a result of daily stress. Get your eating habits on track and find healthy ways to release stress.

Donuts Photo Credit: EvgeniiAnd (iStock).

Photo Credit: EvgeniiAnd (iStock).

5. You Eat When You’re Not Hungry

Know the difference between food cravings and real hunger. If you’re not hungry, don’t feel pressure to order food. Just because you’re out with friends doesn’t mean you have to order a punch of food. Listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry.

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