Living alone can be painful, especially if you’re grieving a loss of a loved one or adjusting to an empty nest. Regardless of your situation, here are 5 simple tips for living alone and being happy about it.

1. Stick To A Routine

Create a daily routine to avoid feelings of loneliness. Make a list of things you want to accomplish every day. Staying busy is the secret to happiness, especially when you live alone. Get busy being happy and more productive!

Running Late, Photo Credit: seb_ra (iStock).

Photo Credit: seb_ra (iStock).

2. Adopt A Four-Legged Companion

Having a dog by your side will do more than just conquer loneliness. Experts agree that dogs make us happier and healthier. Not only will having a dog make you feel safer while living alone, but they make the best companions. Spice up your life by getting a dog or cat.

Dogs, Photo Credit: Wavebreakmedia (iStock).

Photo Credit: Wavebreakmedia (iStock).

3. Stay Socially Engaged

It’s never to late to make new friends. After all, what would life be without good friends? By building and keeping a close circle of friends, you can easily overcome inner emptiness and live your best life. Enrich your life with friendship!

Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages (iStock).

4. Listen To Music

Tackle loneliness with music. According to science, listening to upbeat music will instantly make you feel good.  Boost your mood, fight depression, and fill your home with music. Put a smile on your face and blast your favorite tunes.

Music, Photo Credit: jakkapan21 (iStock).

Photo Credit: jakkapan21 (iStock).

5. Embrace Solitude

Accepting your situation can completely transform your life. Take a second to appreciate those quiet moments in life. Find your craft and learn to love being alone. When you live alone, you have the time to do whatever you want. Take up a new hobby and embrace being alone.

DIY Craft, Photo Credit: Wavebreakmedia (iStock).

Photo Credit: Wavebreakmedia (iStock).

Although there is no magical cure for loneliness. These 5 simple tips will help you turn feelings of loneliness into sweet solitude.

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