Exercising shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should feel invigorating and rewarding! Overcome lost motivation with these 5 ways to make exercising way more fun.

1. Find Your Beat

Get motivated and fuel your workouts with an engaging playlist. Add all your favorite beats to your gym playlist for some serious workout motivation. The simplest things like good music can make all the difference in getting a good workout. Crank up the tunes and get a killer workout!

Fitness Photo Credit: LeszekCzerwonka (iStock).

Photo Credit: LeszekCzerwonka (iStock).

2. Change Up The Pace

Focus on interval training. Turn up the intensity for 30-60 seconds, then dial it back down. Whether it’s weight-lifting or cardio, you can repeat this step as many as times as you like. High-intensity workouts are great for getting the most out of your time spent at the gym.

3. Grab a Friend

Grab a friend and hit the gym. Not only are good friends such a positive influence on our daily lives, but they make exercising way more fun. When you workout with a friend, you’ll be much more likely to commit to your gym routine or schedule. Plus, research says having an exercise buddy offers a world of benefits, click here to learn more.

Fitness Photo Credit: fizkes (iStock).

Photo Credit: fizkes (iStock).

4. Track Your Progress

Let’s face it, seeing results makes exercising way more fun. Set realistic goals and easily track your progress in the gym using fitness apps or trackers like a Garmin. Track your goals and keep your head in the game.

5. Reward Yourself

Work hard to play even harder. For every good week spent in the gym, you deserve to treat yourself. It’s good to keep the momentum going, but you’ll also want to take a day or two of rest. You can even give yourself a “cheat day” to indulge in all your favorite foods. Balance is key!

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