Got a bad case of the Mondays? Boost your mood naturally and supercharge your mind with these 5 simple tips.

1. Stay Informed

Grab a newspaper, sit down, and relax with an evening full of reading. Enrich your life by staying informed about current events, stories, and news. Whether it’s a digital or print subscription, reading daily helps keep your mind sharp for the years to come. Help your brain function at its best and subscribe to your local newspaper.

Newspaper, Photo Credit: seb_ra (iStock).

Photo Credit: seb_ra (iStock).

2. Get Outdoors

The secret to maintaining a healthy and strong mind is to create more balance in your life. According to a recent study, spending time in nature is a great way to disconnect from your particularly busy schedule and even cut down on distractions like smartphones and tablets.

Mountain Biking, Photo Credit: ViktorCap (iStock).

Photo Credit: ViktorCap (iStock).

3. Meditate

Strengthen your mind through the power of meditation. To achieve a calm and focused mind that’s free of stress and unruly thoughts, try practicing meditation, yoga, and even simple breathing exercises. Find the meditation style that best works for you and boost brain power!

Yoga, Photo Credit: spukkato (iStock).

Photo Credit: spukkato (iStock).

4. Nutrition

Say no to unhealthy foods, and feed your brain with fuel instead. According to Harvard Medical School, the best foods to support healthy cognitive functions are leafy greens, berries, fish, walnuts, coffee, and teas. Eat antioxidant-rich foods and your brain will thank you.

5. Sleep More

Feeling dazed and confused these days? The key to sharpening your mind is getting enough sleep. No one appreciates sleep more than your brain. Many studies even suggest taking short naps to enhance memory, focus, and creative thinking skills. It’s simple, sleep more and live better!

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