Life in the mountains is pretty incredible, but did you know living in places like Colorado is great for your health? Check out these 7 amazing benefits of living in Colorado.

1. Relax More, Stress Less

High altitude rocks! Living in Colorado can elevate your health by significantly reducing stress. Colorado mountains offer a peaceful and calming escape for conquering day-to-day stress. Plan a weekend getaway to the mountains and you’ll feel much more relaxed.

Photo Credit: HaizhanZheng (iStock).

Colorado Photo Credit: HaizhanZheng (iStock).

2. Enjoy Fresh Mountain Air

Spend time outdoors in Colorado and enjoy the health benefits from breathing in the fresh mountain air. From strengthening your immune system to boosting energy levels, there many benefits of getting outdoors.

3. Keep Your Heart Healthy

The mountains inspire us to stay active in the great and beautiful outdoors, which keeps our hearts healthy. According to a recent study, people who live at higher altitudes have a better life expectancy due to a decreased risk of heart disease.

Colorado Photo Credit: JeffGoulden (iStock).

Photo Credit: JeffGoulden (iStock).

4. Get Inspired To Stay Fit

Living in beautiful places like Colorado inspires us. Whether it’s breathtaking views or discovering wildlife along the trail, a place like Colorado will leave you feeling inspired to take new adventures. Active outdoor adventures keep us healthy and fit!

5. Appreciate Life More

Most people who experience the stunning beauty of Colorado develop a greater sense of appreciation for life. With a positive attitude towards life, you can eliminate negative thoughts and lower your stress levels.

6. Stay Slim For Life

Outdoor activities in Colorado like hiking, rock climbing, or skiing are all great ways to stay in shape. Studies show that those who live at higher altitudes are less likely to become obese. To sum it all up, it’s easy to stay fit and healthy with a Colorado lifestyle.

Climbing Photo Credit: yanik88 (iStock).

Photo Credit: yanik88 (iStock).

7. Boost Vitamin D Intake

Colorado is closer to the sun, which makes it a great place for improving your body’s vitamin D levels. A healthy rule of thumb to get vitamin D from the sun is to limit bare exposure to about 20 minutes a day. If you plan on spending any longer than 20 minutes in the sun, wear sunscreen to protect your skin!

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Take advantage of Colorado living and enjoy the many health benefits of the mountains.