Suffering from sore muscles? Here are 5 ways to relieve sore muscles and recover quickly.

1. Keep Exercising

Don’t let sore muscles put a stop to your workout routine. Just because your muscles feel sore doesn’t mean you have to quit exercising. Besides, sore muscles mean your gaining strength. In other words, your workouts are effective.

Active Seniors Photo Credit: PeopleImages (iStock).

Photo Credit: PeopleImages (iStock).

2. Stretch It Out

Ease stiff muscles and improve flexibility by stretching. Using a foam roller, adding 10 minutes of stretching to your workout routine, or even taking a yoga class will help you stretch out your muscles. Better yet, treat yourself to a massage.

3. Soak

Heat therapy is a great remedy for sore muscles. Relieve pain and relax your muscles by soaking in a warm bathtub. You can also take an Epsom salt bath for added wellness and soothing.

Bathtub Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

4. Take Omega-3s

Supplements that are rich with omega-3s are known to promote fat burning and ease symptoms of inflammation. Taking fish oil or other omega-3 supplements may even boost muscle growth.

5. Drink More Water

Did you know drinking water can benefit your muscles? Staying hydrated is important for flushing out toxins and supporting muscle recovery. In addition to speeding up recovery, drinking water during your workouts keeps you hydrated and well energized.

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