Feeling anxious? Calm anxiety and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with a lavender-infused bath.

Wash away anxiety by adding 3-6 drops of lavender essential oil to your nighttime bath. To avoid discomfort or possible skin irritations, dilute essential oils by combining a few drops with a capful of milk, olive oil, or Epsom salts. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should never be used directly out of the bottle. When it comes to using essential oils, proper dilution and blending will ensure safe use and facilitate the absorption of oils into the skin.

Photo Credit: Halfpoint (iStock).

Photo Credit: Halfpoint (iStock).

Don’t be fooled by fragrance oils. Buy only 100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils without any additives and fillers. Stick to trusted brands like Sun Organic, Wyndmere Naturals, Young Living, doTERRA, Soft by Nature, and Aura Cacia.

All-natural essential oils extracted from flowers, fruits, herbs, and trees offer a world of therapeutic benefits including reducing stress and anxiety. Not only will this calming trick help settle your nerves, but it also promotes a night of peaceful rest. Relax with a hot bath and soothe your anxious soul!

Although many studies have confirmed the healing benefits of essential oils, always consult a health care professional first before exploring aromatherapy.

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