Looking to grow old at home? With these 4 life hacks for aging in place, you can expect to feel confident and live comfortably and safely in your very own home.

1. Age-Proof Your Home

If you choose to age in place, you may need to make a few modifications to key areas in your home including the kitchen, bathrooms, and even entryways. Consider renovations like installing grab bars in bathrooms, adding extra grip to stairs and using a bed rail. Making accessibility and safety upgrades in your home will allow you to live independently for as long as possible.

Bathroom Safety, Grab Bars Photo Credit: Gardener41 (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Gardener41 (Flickr).

2. Use Technology to Maintain Your Independence

Take advantage of modern technology by installing a home security system. Not only will this give you better peace of mind throughout your day and night, but your family members will be at ease knowing your home is safe and secure at all times. You can also use tablets and smartphones devices to easily stay in touch with close family members. For added safety, consider the use of emergency response devices like medical alert bracelets, necklaces, and consoles.

3. Get In-Home Care and Assistance

Just because you decide to live in the comfort of your very own home doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. From personal care and grooming to household chores, there’s plenty of reasons why you may need a little extra support. Consider hiring an in-home caregiver for helping with some of your daily needs like cooking, housework, errands, medication management, and more.

Seniors Aging in Place, Photo Credit: Halfpoint (iStock).

Photo Credit: Halfpoint (iStock).

4. Sign Up For a Meal Delivery Service

In addition to in-home care for seniors, you may want to get on the list for meal delivery services. With this option, you can take the stress and hassle out of cooking and get healthy meal options delivered right to your front doorstep. Keep in mind, you can also connect with local non-profit organizations like Meals on Wheels for food delivery tailored to your specific needs and diet. And don’t forget to order your groceries online or arrange for curbside pick up for a simple and stress-free shopping experience.

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The key to independent living is to plan ahead and make any necessary modifications to your home and living areas.