To discover true happiness in your life, you must learn to let go and shake off overwhelming feelings of sadness. Here’s how you can let go of sadness in just 5 powerful steps.

1. Keep a Journal

If you’re having a difficult time letting go of the past or a traumatizing¬†experience, try finding ways to express your inner feelings. Don’t let all that pain and negative energy bottle up inside you. Release stress and anxiety by keeping a detailed journal filled with notes. Take time to write down your inner feelings and thoughts, and then leave it all behind.

Take Notes Photo Credit: kitzcorner (iStock).

Photo Credit: kitzcorner (iStock).

2. Focus On Self-Love

Learn to prioritize self-love, meaning putting your own well-being and happiness first.¬† Say “yes” to opportunities¬†that add lasting impact and value to your life. Discover the unrelenting power of self-love, and you’ll have no problem moving forward and forgetting about all the hard times. After all, true happiness comes from within!

3. Get Motivated to Workout

According to science, regular exercise fights sadness. When you get in a good workout, your body releases mood-lifting endorphins, which triggers positive feelings throughout your entire body. Not only does exercise leave you feeling happier, but you’ll instantly have more energy, so you can be as happy and productive as possible. So what are you waiting for? Get moving!

Workout Photo Credit: Ridofranz (iStock).

Photo Credit: Ridofranz (iStock).

4. Discover a New Hobby

The best way to overcome sadness is to stop yourself from overthinking. Besides, a mind filled with worry only makes everything worse than what it actually is. To avoid sad thoughts, keep your schedule busy, take up a hobby, and most importantly learn something new. Stay busy to stay even happier!

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5. Change Your Mindset

It’s never too late to change your perception. Set the tone from the minute you wake up, rise early and train your mind to think positively. By altering your attitude for the better, you can completely transform your life. Take the reins and pave the way for sheer, utter happiness in your life.