Eyesight tends to worsen with age, especially over the age of 40. Take a look at these 4 signs that your eyes are getting older.

1. You Need Brighter Light

If your eyesight just isn’t what it used to be, then chances are you have difficulty seeing clearly in dim lighting. Losing your ability to focus is a normal sign of aging eyes. For improved visibility, you can install additional lighting throughout your home and turn up screen brightness on electronic devices.

Bathroom Light Fixture Photo Credit: Credit: wmarkusen (iStock).

Photo Credit: Credit: wmarkusen (iStock).

2. You Wear Readers

How many times have you set down your readers and misplaced them? Or maybe you have quite a few pairs of reading glasses lurking around your home? Either way, having trouble reading and focusing on a book that’s only at about an arm’s length in distance is a sure sign of aging eyes.

3. You Avoid Driving At Night

As we age, many of us experience difficulty driving at night. Night vision problems typically include symptoms of halos, blurriness, and cloudy vision. If your vision gets worse at night, talk to your eye care professional for a solution.

Driving at Night Photo Credit: John Trainor (Flickr).

Photo Credit: John Trainor (Flickr).

4. Your Text Is Larger

Bigger text is certainly easier to read, but it could mean your eyes are starting to worsen with age. In addition to enlarging text on your smartphone or tablet, there’s also a read out loud option on a variety of devices today.

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