Is cheese healthy? For all the cheese lovers out there, you’ll be delighted to hear that not all cheese is bad for you. Yes, that’s right, we said it, cheese is actually good for you. Here are the 3 healthiest kinds of cheese you can possibly eat.

1. Mozzarella

Mozerella happens to be one of the healthiest cheeses you can eat! In fact, not only is it simply delightful on a balsamic Caprese salad, but it’s an excellent source of protein and calcium. Like most cheeses, mozzarella is quite tasty but should be consumed in healthy moderations.

2. Feta

This Mediterranean cheese is known for its rich taste and creamy texture. Feta cheese is loaded with all kinds of healthy nutrients including good fats, calcium, iron, protein, and even vitamins like B12 and D. In contrast to other cheeses, feta is a definitely considered a low-calorie alternative.

3. Parmesan

Packed with vitamins and nutrients, it’s should be no surprise that parmesan cheese is actually good for you. In addition to being a high protein snack, parmesan cheese is also low in fat content and calories when compared to other cheeses.

Although these different types of cheese are considered on the healthier side, it’s best to enjoy in moderation.

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