Learn how to cook pasta “al dente” at higher altitudes. Here are 5 golden rules for cooking fresh and delicious pasta at high altitudes.

1. Fill Your Pot With Enough Water

Fill your pot with extra water. Because there is less air pressure at higher altitudes, boiling water will evaporate more quickly. Fill your pot properly to keep pasta water boiling.

Boiling Water Photo Credit: grandriver (iStock).

Photo Credit: grandriver (iStock).

2.  Add a Pinch of Salt

It’s no surprise that salt adds flavor to our foods. When you sprinkle salt into pasta water your noodles will absorb the enhanced flavors. Not only will this season your pasta, but it will also increase the boiling point of the water.

3. Stir Well

Stir pasta occasionally during the boiling process to prevent noodles from sticking to the bottom or sides of the pan. Remember, dropping the pasta into the water before it’s brought to a boil will leave you with sticky and overdone noodles.

Pasta Photo Credit: zeljkosantrac (iStock).

Photo Credit: zeljkosantrac (iStock).

4. Up Cooking Time

The higher the elevation, the longer your food will take to cook. When cooking pasta at high altitudes, increase your boiling time by 15-25% to accommodate for the changes in air pressure.

5. Keep a Little Pasta Water

Instead of draining all of the pasta water, leave a little behind. Draining pasta dry will result in scratches easily firming up and noodles that stick together, especially at higher altitudes. After draining noodles properly, top your pasta with some homemade sauce and enjoy!

These 5 simple tips will help you cook the perfect pasta every time even at higher altitudes.

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