Ready to start your own garden? We’ve gathered 10 expert gardening tips for those just getting started or new beginners. Follow these tips for becoming a successful gardener.

1. Start Off Small

Gardening can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. Ease into gardening by starting off with a smaller design. As you get more familiar with gardening, you can build upon your success and expand to a larger landscape.

2. Grow What You Love

The best part about gardening is you get to plant all your favorites including flowers, herbs, and vegetables. If you enjoy homemade salsa, then plant tomatoes. Love fresh sunflowers, why not grow them yourself!

Gardening Photo Credit: sanjeri (iStock).

Photo Credit: sanjeri (iStock).

3. Follow Your Climate Zone

Choose the best plants for your climate zone. Depending on where you live, different plants will thrive better than others. Learn more about climate zones here.

4. Give Your Plants Space

Plants need space to grow. For great results, space out your plants evenly. Leave about 20 to 36 inches of space between each row of plants.

5. Add Mulch

There’s no doubt that weeds are a big frustration for many gardeners. Mulching has been known as an effective way to control weeds. Applying a thin layer of mulch around each plant will help keep your garden in good shape and free of weeds.

Mulch Photo Credit: Zbynek Pospisil (iStock).

Photo Credit: Zbynek Pospisil (iStock).

6. Take Notes

If gardening is new to you, label your plants and keep a notebook handy. Keeping track of success and failures is great for improving your gardening skills. It’s also helpful to draw out a sketch of your garden every year for planting rotations.

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7. Keep Soil Healthy

Quality soil makes all the difference. For cultivating growth, start your garden with soil that’s rich in nutrients and well-drained. Fresh healthy soil should easily crumble in your hands.

Gardening Photo Credit: as3d (iStock).

Photo Credit: as3d (iStock).

8. Watch Out For Pests

Don’t let pests ruin all your hard work. Protect your garden from pests damage and disease by using organic pesticides. For more information on how to get rid of common garden pests, click here.

9. Plant Flowers

Planting a variety of flowers in your garden boosts pollination which produces better results. Not only do flowers give your garden a beautiful and vibrant look, but they improve harvest by attracting bees and butterflies for pollination.

Flower Photo Credit: Xsandra (iStock).

Photo Credit: Xsandra (iStock).

10. Water

Most importantly, keep your soil healthy by properly watering your garden. Keep in mind, not enough water causes little to no growth and overwatering can lead to plant disease. The amount of water also varies by plant, so be sure to do a little research.

Gardening can be quite the adventure. With all the right tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be ready to grow a successful and thriving garden. Happy gardening!