Love to travel but your budget is tight these days? Lucky for you, there are a number of unforgettable and affordable destinations to travel to in the United States. Here’s our pick of the 5 most affordable bucket list experiences.

1. Go Camping in Colorado

Here’s everything you need to know about experiencing “colorful” Colorado on a budget. Hike the continental divide, catch a glimpse of wildlife in many of the state parks, or take in the breathtaking views as you drive up to 14,000 feet. Better yet, camp in the mountains and stay for free!

Mountains Photo Credit: simonkr (iStock).

Photo Credit: simonkr (iStock).

2. Drink Wine in Napa Valley

Discover the wonders of Napa Valley, California without spending a fortune. Enjoy wine tastings in the valley, experience wine country on a guided bike tour, or shop local farmer markets in downtown Napa. Search current promotions and save at local wineries by using an app like Winery Finder.

Napa Valley Photo Credit: YinYang (iStock).

Photo Credit: YinYang (iStock).

3. Line Dance in Tennessee

Tennesse is a super fun place to visit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it without breaking the bank. Go back in time at the Country Music Hall of Fame, eat delicious southern food, or dance your heart out on Broadway at the local honky tonks.

Broadway Photo Credit: benedek (iStock).

Photo Credit: benedek (iStock).

4.  Take a Scenic Drive in Alaska

Experience the legendary beauty of Alaska on a budget. Drive scenic highways for spectacular views, raft down the Matanuska River, or soak up the healing benefits of the hot springs. For added savings, book your trip on Airbnb and plan to stay with locals in the off-season.

Alaska Photo Credit: chaolik (iStock).

Photo Credit: chaolik (iStock).

5. Catch the Sunset on the Coast of Key West

Key West is a memorable island with plenty of budget-friendly things to do. Stop by the local discovery center to check out the aquatic sea life, watch a phenomenal sunset on the beach, or stroll down to Mallory Square for some local entertainment. Click here for more information on affordable activities, dining, and lodging in Key West, Florida.

Sunset Photo Credit: JaffarAliAfzal (iStock).

Photo Credit: JaffarAliAfzal (iStock).

These 5 affordable bucket list adventures offer amazing views, incredible food, and great experiences for a super-low budget!

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