If the mountains are calling, then you must go! Here are 10 amazing reasons to retire in Colorado.

1. Life is More Peaceful in the Mountains

Let’s face it, life goes by so much faster as you grow older. Plan a retirement where you can start slowing down, relaxing, and really enjoying life. With that being said, Colorado is the perfect place for just that. The mountains are a quiet and peaceful escape for retirees.

Adventure Photo Credit: AleksandarNakic (iStock).

Photo Credit: AleksandarNakic (iStock).

2. The Grandkids Will Love to Visit

Colorado is one of the best places to retire, not only because it’s beautiful, but it will be easy to get your¬†grandkids to actually want to come to visit. Colorado is such a wonderful place to visit and there are fun activities for all ages, making it a great place to retire.

Colorado Photo Credit: DOUGBERRY (iStock).

Photo Credit: DOUGBERRY (iStock).

3. Start Living Healthier

Did you know Colorado is ranked among the healthiest states in the nation? Stay physically active and mentally healthy in retirement by relocating to Colorado. This healthy state consists of endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, fresh mountain air, and peaceful living.

Colorado Senior Photo Credit: wundervisuals (iStock).

Photo Credit: wundervisuals (iStock).

4. Enjoy All Four Seasons

When you live in Colorado, you’ll get to experience all four seasons. Retiring in Colorado means you’ll get to enjoy the beauty and climate changes of spring, summer, fall, and winter. What’s not to love about watching the seasons change? Not to mention, Colorado has a beautiful fall season.

Colorado Photo Credit: HaizhanZheng (iStock).

Colorado Photo Credit: HaizhanZheng (iStock).

5. Explore State and National Parks

If you plan to retire in Colorado, you’ll get the chance to explore Colorado’s natural wonders among state and national parks. Escape the crowds and find your next big adventure in Colorful Colorado. For a list of state and national parks located in Colorado, click here.

Wild Colorado Columbine Colorado Photo Credit: EdwardSnow (iStock).

Wild Colorado Columbine Photo Credit: EdwardSnow (iStock).

6. Endless Adventure

Colorado is one of the best states for adventure, especially when you have more free time available in retirement. In addition to state and national parks, you’ll have access to an abundance of hiking trails all around the state. From rock climbing to zip lining to rafting, you’ll never run out of exciting things to do.

Hiking Photo Credit: South_agency (iStock).

Photo Credit: South_agency (iStock).

7.  Winter Playground

Did we mention Colorado is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders? If you love winter adventure and outdoor activities, then Colorado is the absolute best place for you. Retiring in Colorado means months of winter fun and hitting the slopes.

Ski Photo Credit: oneinchpunch (iStock).

Ski Photo Credit: oneinchpunch (iStock).

8. Opportunities For Military Veterans

Colorado is home to six military bases, including both air force and army. From military air shows to Sunday football games, Colorado is tied to many fun and exciting activities for retired veterans. Plus, retired veterans may even find employment opportunities at one of the local bases.

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9. Lower Tax Rates For Retirees

What’s not to love about tax deductions? Colorado offers one of the highest tax cuts for qualifying seniors. Not to mention, Colorado property taxes rank among the lowest in the United States.

Retire Photo Credit: Squaredpixels (iStock).

Photo Credit: Squaredpixels (iStock).

10. Live Your Best Life

When it comes to living out your best life, Colorado is where it’s at! From delicious beer to a booming economy to epic mountain adventures, the potential for retiring in Colorado is absolutely endless.

Besides its unmatched beauty, Colorado is one of the best places to retire in the United States.