You shouldn’t be afraid to live alone. Here are 6 ways to feel more secure and safe when living alone.

1. Perform a Safety Check

The first step to feeling safer about living alone is to check the overall safety of your apartment or home. Make sure doors, windows, and any other entrances are safe and secure at all times. Click here to download a printable home safety checklist.

2. Install Home Security

Give yourself some peace of mind at night by installing a home security system. Home security goes a long way in making you feel more comfortable and safe living all alone. From a monitoring system to video cameras, there are plenty of affordable solutions out there for home security.

Alarm System Photo Credit: anyaberkut (iStock).

Photo Credit: anyaberkut (iStock).

3. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Make an effort to become friends with your neighbors. This way if there’s ever an emergency, you’ll have help close by. Not only will this help you feel safer, but you may even make some new friendships out of it.

4. Own a Dog

Nothing beats coming home to an insanely happy and excited dog. Having a dog will help you enjoy living alone. Whether it’s strange sounds, anyone lurking outside, or suspicious activities, you can expect your dog to alert you.

Puppy Photo Credit: SeventyFour (iStock).

Photo Credit: SeventyFour (iStock).

5. Don’t Open The Door For Strangers

Don’t open the door for strangers! If you have no idea who’s knocking at your door, don’t open it. Always put your safety first. Even if you’re expecting visitors, always check to see who’s at the door first before opening it.

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6. Plan Your Exit

Are you ready for an emergency? If you’ve answered no, then you should consider creating an exit plan. It’s better to be prepared than not know what to do in an emergency situation.

Living alone doesn’t have to mean restless and scary nights. Use these tips to feel comfortable and safe living alone.