From sealing drafty windows to turning your thermostat down, there are a number of ways to keep your home warm this winter. Here are 5 tips for efficient heating this winter.

1. Stay Warm by the Fire

Cozy up in front of the fireplace! Whether it’s gas, open wood, or an electric fireplace you can easily warm up your home during the cold winter months. Besides, there’s nothing more relaxing than a calm, warm fire on a cold winter day.

Fire place Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

Photo Credit: Image Source (iStock).

2. Adjust Your Thermostat

Don’t forget to turn your thermostat down to a cooler temperature setting when no one is home. You can even auto-schedule your thermostat to adjust automatically. Remembering to do this simple task this winter will save you big on your next utility bill!

Thermostat Photo Credit: zhudifeng (iStock).

3. Winterize Windows and Doors

The secret to keeping your home warm in the winter is to prevent insulation problems. Small gaps or cracks located below or between doors and windows could be costing you more money than you think. For best results, seal windows and doors from the cold winter weather.

Window Photo Credit: undefined undefined (iStock).

Photo Credit: undefined undefined (iStock).

4. Open Your Curtains

Heat your house by opening up your curtains during the day and keeping them closed at night. This will let sunshine inside your home, making it naturally warm and cozy when it’s cold outside. Open those curtains and stay warm!

Window Photo Credit: ben-bryant (iStock).

Photo Credit: ben-bryant (iStock).

5. Wear Fuzzy Socks

Don’t walk around the house barefoot on cold floors instead wear some fuzzy socks. Warm socks help regulate your body’s temperature, keeping you and your feet warm all season long. Not to mention, they are stylish and adorable.

warm socks Photo Credit: Delpixart (iStock).

Photo Credit: Delpixart (iStock).

These energy-saving tips will save you money on your next heating bill and keep you warm all winter long!

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