Let’s face it, some things just get more difficult with age. Here are 10 things that get harder as you age.

1. Picking Things Up Off The Floor

Low back injuries often take place just from picking dropped items off the floor. As we grow older, we tend to lose flexibility and find that bending over causes pain to our lower back and joints. Learn how to prevent injury by properly picking items up.

Back Pain Photo Credit: kirisa99 (iStock).

Photo Credit: kirisa99 (iStock).

2.Taking Off Your Shoes

Did you ever think a simple task like putting your shoes on would be so difficult? Unfortunately, taking your shoes on and off gets harder as you start to age. To make things easier, consider buying slip-on shoes.

3. Getting Out of the Bathroom

Stepping in and over the high sides of your bathtub can be dangerous. Prevent slip-and-fall accidents by installing extra safety measures in your bathroom like a non-slip mat and grab bars.

4. Using Technology

Trying to figure out how to use new technology as we age can be a real pain in the neck. Devices like laptops, cell phones, and TV’s seem to become more and more complex. Become more tech-savvy by asking your grandkids for a little help.

Social Media Photo Credit: oatawa (iStock).

Photo Credit: oatawa (iStock).

5. Using the Stairs

Walking up and down the stairs gets harder with age. Use the stairs safely and avoid multiple trips by making sure you’ve done everything you need. Take it slow and always hold onto the railing with one hand.

6. Driving at Night

Seeing clearly on the roads is a hurdle, especially when driving at night. If you experience problems like decreased vision or impaired hearing, ask a friend or family member for a lift. You can even use services like Uber or Lyft to catch a quick and cheap ride to wherever you’re headed.

Driving at Night Photo Credit: John Trainor (Flickr).

Photo Credit: John Trainor (Flickr).

7. Opening Jars

Don’t get frustrated by that tightly sealed jar of tomato sauce left in your pantry. When the grandkids come over, make it a fun game to get the stuck jar lid open.

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8. Standing Up Out of a Chair

Stuck in your chair? Unfortunately, with age you may have difficulty standing up from a seated position. For tips on improving mobility and safely getting up and out of your chair, click here.

9. Exercising

Adjust your workouts as you get older. Low-impact exercises that are great to try out in the gym include walking, biking, cycling, swimming, and elliptical training. For bad knees, consider recommended workouts by your doctor.

Seniors Exercising Photo Credit: yacobchuk (iStock).

Photo Credit: yacobchuk (iStock).

10. Taking Pictures

Keeping your hand steady for taking pictures is challenging enough, let alone as you get older. Use a tripod to stabilize your camera from shaky hands.

Although some things tend to get a little more difficult as the years go by, there’s plenty of amazing perks of getting older.