Retirement is not the end of the road. In fact, retirement can mark the beginning of a fulfilling journey. From photography to online teaching, there are plenty of options to start a new and exciting career path. Here are 7 simple ways to make money in retirement.

1. Become a Driver

If you have a good driving record and love to cruise around town, you could make money in retirement by becoming an Uber or Lyft driver. Drivers pick up passengers who request rides from Uber or Lyft by using a location-based app, which automatically collects fare payments and tips.

2. Take More Photos

Make money with your photos! If you enjoy taking professional photographs, this is a great cash earning hobby for you. You can start selling your photos by submitting them to a variety of online photo galleries.

Photo Credit: chabybucko (iStock).

3. Get Crafty

Carry out your passion for arts and crafts by selling your masterpieces on Etsy. By joining the Etsy community you can sell a variety of handmade items to other people including jewelry, clothing, paintings, blankets and more. Get crafty and start selling!

Crafts Photo Credit: LightFieldStudios (iStock).

Photo Credit: LightFieldStudios (iStock).

4. Rent Space

Renting space in your home is a quick and incredibly easy way to make money while enjoying retirement. Listing empty rooms, garages, sheds, and parking spaces online for rent could literally be making you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month.

5. Get Paid To Write

Getting paid for copywriting is a creative way to make money during your retirement. If you love to write then you will love earning money for it. Browse sites like Upwork for editing and copywriting jobs.

Writing Photo Credit: MangoStar_Studio (iStock).

Photo Credit: MangoStar_Studio (iStock).

6. Teach Online

If you’ve recently retired from the teaching industry you can easily pick up some freelance hours tutoring students online. Chegg and many other companies offer flexible tutoring opportunities for a variety of subjects and age groups. It’s simple, all you need is internet access to get started.

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7. Board Furry Friends

Starting your own dog sitting business is a great way to bring in some extra cash for retirement. You can make money at home by pet sitting or pet walking using an app like Rover, check it out here.

Try out one of these fun activities and see how much extra money you could be earning in retirement.