Do you love to ski or snowboard? Hit the slopes and discover all the health benefits of skiing and snowboarding.

1. Crush Calories

Skip the gym and hit the slopes instead. A day of downhill skiing burns an average of 350-500 calories per hour, depending on body weight and intensity. According to these numbers, you could burn up to 1500 calories a day or even more. Add skiing or snowboarding to your weekend workout routine.

Photo Credit: Kesu01 (iStock).

Ski Photo Credit: Kesu01 (iStock).

2. Boost Your Mood

There’s nothing like carving fresh powder. Adrenaline rush activities like skiing and snowboarding are known to reduce stress, boost energy levels, and release mood-lifting endorphins. A fun-filled day spent on the slopes will make you feel so much happier. Get out there and take in all the positive, feel-good vibes.

Ski, Photo Credit: Tuned_In (iStock).

Photo Credit:Tuned_In (iStock).

3. Beat The Winter Blues

Don’t be afraid to embrace the winter season. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to spend your time indoors. Shake off those winter blues with some skiing or snowboarding. Get your season pass and get ready to have way more fun this winter.

4. Staying Social

What better place to make new friends than at your favorite local ski resort. Not only is staying social a great source of fun, but it is believed to help improve memory and focus. Hit the slopes and discover new, lasting friendships!

Ski, Photo Credit: Milan Markovic (iStock).

Photo Credit: Milan Markovic (iStock).

5. Ski For Better Sleep

Want to sleep better? Head outside for some winter sports. After a day of skiing or snowboarding, you’ll sleep be guaranteed a good night of rest. Many studies agree that getting regular exercise contributes to a more restful night of sleep. Playing in the snow all day will definitely help you get some shut-eye.

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With all the amazing health benefits skiing has to offer, get out there and carve some fresh powder!