Leaky gut? Unexplained symptoms? Take a look at these 4 things that could be totally destroying your gut health.

1. Antibiotics

If you’ve been taking antibiotics recently, then there’s a strong chance your gut is taking a hit. Unfortunately, antibiotics wipe out all the good and bad bacteria in our bodies, which can lead to reoccurring stomach issues. To keep your gut in good shape, you’ll want to avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics. If this simply is not an option, be sure to protect your gut while taking antibiotics with daily probiotics.

Pills Photo Credit: ittipon2002 (iStock).

Photo Credit: ittipon2002 (iStock).

2. Alcohol

Heavy drinking can be harsh on your digestive track. According to a recent study, consuming alcohol in large amounts can lead to inflammation and damage in the body’s liver and gastrointestinal tract. Don’t ruin your stomach with excessive alcohol use. Take a step back from drinking for a while and see if your gut transitions back to its normal healthy state.

3. Lack of Sleep

Getting adequate sleep every night is key to good health, especially when it comes to your gut. Aside from poor gut bacteria, lack of sleep also puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. The last thing you want is for poor sleep to affect your health. From taking melatonin to reducing caffiene and limiting blue light exposure, there are a number of ways you can get some shut-eye at night.

Trouble Sleeping, Photo Credit: Kirbyphoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: Kirbyphoto (iStock).

4. Stress

Stress takes a huge toll on our bodies. Physical signs of stress on the stomach include cramping, inflammation, bloating, and even unbalanced bacteria in the gut. Support healthy gut bacteria by finding ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Keep your gut flora balanced by eliminating stress and anxiety triggers.

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Probiotics, quality sleep, lower stress levels, and healthy eating can all contribute to improved gut health. It’s never too late to start making changes, alter your lifestyle and get your digestive health back on track.